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Thank you for becoming such an immensely important component of Club Penguin Island: the neighborhood.

Club Penguin Island is not accessible. The game was retired on December twenty, 2018, and effective product support for those versions is not provided. We appreciate your understanding and help.

All refunds are finished for the accounts which had a paid membership from November six, 2018 and beyond. Remember that refunds are able to get as many as ten business days showing on the declaration of yours.

What's Debug Mode?

Debug mode is something the Club Penguin Island staff utilizes when test the game. It allows for us to make all sorts of changes to the penguins of ours and the island. We are able to award ourselves XP and coins, and leap to special regions such as the Mount Blizzard summit or maybe Herbert's base.

You will find a few methods to use debug inside the Waddle On update:

On a Computer: press the Tilde key ~
On a mobile device: keep the thumbs of yours on the top right hand corner and bottom left hand corner of the display simultaneously Once the debug selection is noticeable, you will discover several hexagonal shapes. These're the menu choices, and under each feature are sub menus. You are going to need to choose invoke at the conclusion of every option tree for the modification to take effect.

Following is a summary of all of the sub menu choices with descriptions which describe what they do:

Trophy Platinum: triggers the platinum trophy contaminants for completing a race
Trophy Gold: triggers the gold trophy contaminants for completing a race
Trophy Silver: triggers the bronze trophy contaminants for completing a race
Trophy Bronze: triggers the bronze trophy contaminants for completing a race
Change Local Outfit: posts the neighborhood penguin outfit removing everything although specified template. This won't persist once the game is restarted.
Clear Outfit: take out the presently equipped penguin outfit
Classic Mini Games
Launch: we utilized this to enjoy the arcade games prior to the arcade machine was working and also you are able to use it, also!
No-cost Camera
Start Camera: sets digicam to totally free camera mode. Try plugging in a game controller and moving all around the island. This was utilized for in game video capture.
Stop Camera: stops totally free camera mode
Set Inventory Count: establish your listing count for the specified type. Used to bring cake and pizza to the inventory of yours.
Add Decorations: add accessories to the inventory of yours
Insert Structures: include igloo structures to the inventory of yours
Delete All Decorations And Structures: delete all accessories for the present player
Set Count For All: sets your furnishings listing count for those identified furniture items
Clear Rewards: resets consumables, coins, and XP count to zero. We used the to reset an account for testing
Jackpot: loads you up with gathering supplies, completes each quests, XP for most mascots, and Coins
Max Level: places the person at the max level Quick Jackpot: loads you up with party supplies, completes each quests, 999999 XP as well as 999999 Coins. Beware this will pressure you to press through Many pop-ups
Reset Level: places the user at level zero
Set Coins: establish your desired amount of coins
Set Collectible Count: determine the count of the specified collectible type
Establish XP: establish your desired XP degree for a given mascot
Arena Loader
Boardwalk: teleport to the Boardwalk
Beach: teleport to the Beach
Box Dimension: teleport to the Box Dimension
Credits: begins the game credits
Diving: teleport to the Diving Cave
Herbert Base: teleport to Herbert's Base
Mt Blizzard: teleport to Mt Blizzard
Mt Blizzard Summit: teleport to the Mt Blizzard Summit
Sky Cafe: teleport to the Sky Cafe only if the participant is in the Boardwalk
Town: teleport to the Town
Localization: alter the language of the game
Reset: reset each GameSettings (PlayerPrefs) for their default values
Set Player Names Active: shows or hides labels under the penguins Time Scale: customized time machine. Play fast or slow! one is natural speed.
Active Zones
Set Guitar Count: determine the quantity of guitars on stage. The quantity of instruments changes the lighting as well as sound effects which play.
Set Keytar Count: determine the quantity of keytars on stage
Set Drums Count: determine the quantity of drums on stage
Set Drum Count: determine the quantity of bongo drums
Set Guitar Count: determine the amount of acoustic guitars

What's Offline Mode?

Offline Mode enables you to go on your adventure after the servers de-activated on December twenty. Since the game is going to be offline, you won't have the ability to see friends. Nevertheless, you will nevertheless be in a position to be a part of mascot adventures, design clothes, create an igloo, and also participate in the Club Penguin arcade - everything free of charge!

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